Birthday Club Marketing

Do you own a Restaurant, Hair & Nail Salon, Bar & Pub, Movie Theater, Bowling Alley, or any 'Entertainment' Focused Business?

What every Restaurant, Bar & Entertainment-style Business should have

It’s the lowest hanging fruit and by far one of the most beneficial revenue boosters you could ever create for your business. You need a birthday club. Why? The most obvious reason to have a birthday club is to cater to the customers that love to celebrate their birthday, as your restaurant becomes their destination spot. Birthdays are the most popular occasion to dine out. It’s also one of the most common overlooked marketing systems many restaurants and other businesses fail to incorporate. See what a Birthday Club could do for your Business today!


* More than 70% of Americans eat out on their birthday.

* Birthday guest spend an average of $78 per table.

* The average birthday table is a party of 3-4 people.

Drive a steady flow of daily new customers.


Increase customer retention by upwards of 30%


Produce consistent 20-30% redemption rates


Get ongoing visibility and exposure to their restaurant cheaper than traditional advertising, but more effective.